Mathy (Milestone) Mine near Wilson
Vista Mine Proposal (Revised January 2013)
      Selected sections of 5 inch thick document submitted to St. Croix County
      Proposal will be considered at the February or March Board of Adjustment

WPT interview of Dr. Crispin Pierce, Feb. 1, 2013

FALL 2012 FRACKING: THE WISCONSIN CONNECTION – The Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies (Three sessions:  Oct 30, Nov. 13, Nov. 27)

Industry Websites
The Learning Store – University of Wisconsin Extension
Frac Sand Brochure – October 2012
In Gas We’ll Trust – Wired Magazine , Sept. 2012
The Coming Tsunami Of Frac Sand Supply – Seeking Alpha August 23, 2012
Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism
       The economic impact of the frac sand industry in Wisconsin – WPR August 16, 2012 (AUDIO)
       Sand Economics – August 19, 2012
       Wisconsin frac sand sites double – July 22, 2012
Proppants Summit Conference – July 23-25, 2012, Denver , Colorado
      Sand Mining Moratoriums (powerpoint)
               by Weld, Riley, Prenn and Ricci (Eau Claire law firm)
Silica “Frac” Sand Resources – Buffalo County Health Department
Get Mining Jobs – website for Eau Claire area
Frac Sand Mining and Community Economic Development – UW Madison, Dept. Agriculture and Applied Economics, May 2012
      Mine Tour – Nov, 5, 2011

Sand Industry Professional  Organizations

Wisconsin Department of Revenue – Frac Sand Mining and Processing
Wood County
Frac Sand Mining Conference – Dec. 1, 2011 and Jan. 12, 2012
Wisconsin Watch – Sand mining surges in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Geological Survey
Fracking and Sand Mining Dig Up Smoldering Crisis – Institute for Crisis Management 1/7/12
“Gasland” – award-winning documentary about fracking for gas (film website)
Scientific American
      The Truth about Fracking (Preview) – Oct. 19, 2011
      Safety First, Fracking Second – Oct. 19, 2011